Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FW: [Visionary Woman] Why I believe in you

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Dearest Holly,

Your heart yearns to give all of
your love in this short life.

And you will not settle for a life
not fully lived.

You will not settle for anything less
than a life of lived with courageous love.

But in so many ways your love has
been rejected, criticized and pushed

You've been made to feel wrong for the
depth of your love, and the depth of your
desire to express your love in the world.

No longer.

As you connect deeply to the love
in your heart over the next few
weeks, you will feel and see ever
more clearly your power to make a
profound difference in this life.

You will feel the call of your heart
more deeply than ever before.

You will come to know yourself more and
more deeply as a Visionary Woman
whose quiet, calm power cannot be
denied, whose passion cannot be calmed,
and whose voice cannot be quieted.

Are you ready?


This coming Tuesday at 2pm Eastern,
I will be conducting a free, private
conference call to walk you through
a 'Vision Exercise.'

Mark it on your calendar!

DATE: Tuesday, March 10th, 2pm Eastern
NUMBER: (512) 501-4531

I invite you to dive into this exercise
in advance of the call, and you can
do that by going here:


You can print out the worksheet and
even listen to a recording of a past
tele-seminar right now.

Dive in!

Until tomorrow,

Here's to you, and women everywhere
rising in the fullness of your love,
wisdom, courage and vision.

Standing with you and for you,

Michael Skye

P.S. This May, 30 visionary women
from around the globe will be uniting
in Austin, Texas this May to face everything,
and avoid nothing as they stand in
the fullness of their wisdom and power
to give their gifts to the world.


P.P.S. Remember, if you're competing
for one of the 3 early, discounted
registrations to the May retreat for
visionary women, then I'll need your
vision emailed to me be midnight,
May 12th!

VisonForce, 1616 W. 6th St. #214, Austin, TX 78759, USA

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